Overcome the challenge of learning French through fun, dynamic, interactive bespoke lessons. Eventually realise that “franglais” does not always work and understand why “actually” and “actueIlement” are not transparent.

Learning French with a native speaker will not only help you master the language, have a better view of the francophone culture and their business and their day-to-day habits. Whether you are:
a complete beginner
an intermediate student who needs to brush up and move on to the advanced level
an advanced student who wants to discuss current affairs or you need to improve your Business French

OuiFrench provide lessons at the location of your choice: your offices, your home, your favourite cafe or if you are on the go all the time, Skype or FaceTime would be the perfect solution.
Lessons can be given as early as 8.00 am in the morning – students are keen to have a breakfast class before starting their busy day of work. Alternatively, lunch break, or after work classes are also popular times slots, OuiFrench is here to accommodate.

At OuiFrench!, we can assist you. We assess your level and our lessons are tailor-made specifically to your needs, your lifestyle and interests.